– A Fast (food) Love-Story


Surrounded by models at work - Every evening at a different party, with a different woman.
You live the life all men dream of - But then Corona and the Lockdown came.
From doing photoshootings with top models to Schnitzel photos for the local fries stand. And then, of all people, the delivery girl is stealing your heart.
“Lieferandate” - A Fast (Food) Love-Story is about the challenges of dating in a contactless time.

Technical data

Country of origin: Germany
Language: German (English Subtitles)
Finished: Jan 2022
Technical informations: Colour, stereo, 16:9
Duration: 20min

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Director's Comment

Almost all films and series shot under Corona conditions ignored the Covid pandemic in terms of content.

To this day I still wonder why that is. Took this as a hook and thought about it. I am reading an article reporting on how much Covid has affected and changed dating. That fitted me like a glove. On the one hand to process my active dating time before the Covid years, as well as to think about the current dating time. In addition, it quickly became clear that our protagonist would work as a freelance artist, because that way we could also incorporate experiences and fears that we felt from the lockdown into the film.

From the beginning it was clear, that we are going to make a satirical comedy, since I have never directed a real comedy in my film/short film career.


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