Power Blackouts in Europe separate Ilay from his family - In his destroyed home country Germany, he is trying to find insulin to save, what's left from his family.
In a brutal fight with two brothers, Ilay saves the young doctor Loana, who is trying to help him now.
Ilay notices that Loana is not alone in this apocalyptic world, but takes her with him because she is his daughter’s only chance of survival.

Technical data

Country of origin: Germany
Language: German (English Subtitles)
Finished: 2023 - Germany
Technical informations: Colour, stereo, 2:35:1
Duration: 81min

Director's Comment

The idea to write and produce "Sanitatem" basically came from two reasons. The first reason from a filmmaker's point of view: I wanted to write and shoot a genre apocalyptic film, because it fascinates me to philosophize about what happens when our social order collapses and how civilized people become selfish monsters from one moment to the next.
The second reason is emotional. I am dealing with the death of my mother in her teens. I try to show through the characters and their actions that it is insanely important to process such strokes of fate - together.

Loana is a young doctor who, because of the pressure to survive in our apocalyptic world, has not had time to deal with her hurtful past.
I try to tell through her how important it is to accept trauma for oneself and to share it with other people. Because I am convinced that you can only work through trauma with other people.


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Premiere at international Film Festival Shanghai
15th June 2023

“Sanitatem” celebrated its premiere at the Shanghai International Film Festival.
It was a pleasure to be able to see the film on the big screen in a full cinema - the premiere was sold out.

Thanks to all collaborators and Filmfestival Shanghai
Because of your effort, we can be proud of this project.