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Weissfeld Films produces narrative formats that present psychological themes through entertaining stories for a broad audience. 

Founders Michael Kleinfeld and Oliver Weisskopf are known for their visually striking and atmospheric storytelling. The approach for each project is a consistent balance between quality and budget. 

Each production embodies this principle of the creators..

The feature film "Sanitatem" laid the foundation for the production company in 2023. This movie premiered at the Shanghai International Film Festival and had its German premiere at the Hof International Film Festival

WEISSFELD FILMS is based in Cologne, Germany 

Michael and Oliver studied together at the Macromedia University in Cologne and graduated together in 2017. They bonded as business partners through various short films and their debut feature film. 

Until 2023, Michael Kleinfeld supported numerous TV and film productions in various roles within the production process. This enabled him to build extensive contacts within the film industry and gain significant frontline experience.

Since 2017, Oliver Weisskopf has been building a video agency focusing on sustainability communication for medium-sized businesses. The goal is to document companies' transformations and present them accurately to target audiences, fostering greater trust in the changes of our time. 

Weissfeld Films defines itself through efficiency and fresh perspectives, particularly regarding ecological sustainability. We believe that the entire film industry must undergo a significant paradigm shift; otherwise, public funding may cease in the next ten years, leading to an existential crisis within the industry. 

Stricter regulations under the EU Green Deal will not only affect the film industry but the entire European economy. 

We support the voluntary initiative of Changemakers.film and are certified as Green Consultants.
By integrating the knowledge and mindset of a Green Consultant from the initial stages of production, we aim to produce more sustainable and efficient film projects.

These two perspectives, united creatively, make us a forward-thinking film production company that introduces new production methods to the industry, having learned from the mistakes of old thinking structures.


Jinglin Huang


 Jinglin Huang is a Chinese filmmaker living in Cologne, Germany.

She is currently working on her first horror project: A feature film about ghosts with elements of virtual reality
Additionally, she is developing an autobiographical screenplay about her experiences working with a Parkinson's patient.

Nikita Vasilchenko


Nikita Vasilchenko is a successful writer from Cologne.

Originally from Uzbekistan, Nikita wrote many successful novellas. He is currently in talks for the adaptation of an award-winning screenplay set in South Korea.
Additionally, Nikita is developing a horror comedy about filmmaking with Weissfeld Films.

Paul Feldmann